Barnyard Animals in CW

One of my favorite things about Williamsburg (at least for a city girl- I mean woman- like myself) is the assortment of barnyard animals around Colonial Williamsburg (affectionately known as CW). Sheep, horses, cats (Ok not really barnyard), possibly buffalo (Do they still exist?). Maybe that was just a hallucination. Anyways today, for example, I was walking around Williamsburg in order to see the growth of the lambs since I first saw them in the spring. They may have been dirty and not have come when I called, but at least they weren’t aggressive, like goats. What is it about the evolutionary nature of goats, as opposed to sheep, that created these vicious creatures, I thought.

Speaking of my walk around Williamsburg, it seems as though there are only two ages in this town: very young (OK between the ages of 20 and 25), and very old (over 75). Someone once told me that people are either here waiting for their lives to begin (like ourselves), or waiting for well, the gates to open (either high up or low down).

Yeah. Anyways, I am planning the Day for Admitted Students for ya’ll and can’t wait for the big weekend of April 17th! It is shaping up to be a very busy semester, but I am confident still make time for my fond visits to CW. Lata skatas.

– Lee Desser ’10

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