An Abundance of Opportunity

When you go on all of your college tours, I’m sure you hear over and over again about how many different clubs and opportunities exist on every college campus. At William & Mary, specifically, us Tour Guides like to brag about our 400+ clubs and organizations available to join at W&M. But what does that really mean?

Since I’ve arrived at William & Mary, I have made a point to learn as much about other people as possible. At a university with so many interesting and unique individuals, I have so far learned about other people mostly based on the activities they participate in and the groups they have joined. So far, based on these people I have met, I am continually in awe of all the people on this campus. I have friends that are involved in everything from the William & Mary Honor Society, to the Tribe Adventure Program, to the Salsa Dancing club. Though these are things that I myself am not involved in, I love to see that they are activities that other people not only participate in, but thrive in. About 25% of the campus is also involved with Greek Life, but at William & Mary, Greek Life is a way to expand horizons. It’s not a title or a social status, but an organization that students participate in because they want to meet all of the other amazing people who get to call William & Mary their home.

Students at William & Mary love to be involved. I love waking up in the morning to see opinion pieces written by my classmates in the Flat Hat, our student run newspaper, and then going to see my friend play in a Club Volleyball game the following afternoon. I believe that this is the greatest part about William & Mary. The abundance of opportunity for students to get involved outside of their academics really makes W&M a unique place to study, because the students here flourish in both academics and extracurricular activities.

-Shannon Fischer, ’19

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