A Typical W&M Weekend

One of the glorious parts about being in the Business School is that you don’t have any Friday classes. But, since I am double-majoring in Music, I don’t always get the break that my other classmates get! Thursday night was spent finishing my composition assignment for my Music Theory class, Tonal Forms & Post-Tonal Techniques. The class is unlike any other music class I have taken before—challenging, but very rewarding! Here is a photo of one of my friends and I taking a late-night Wawa coffee. When I first came to W&M in 2010, I never drank coffee. Now, I thrive on it!

I woke up early Friday to put my finishing touches on my project—I really wanted to make sure I did a good job on it! At 11, I headed over to the Music Library in Ewell Hall to work a 2-hour shift. This August, I was hired as an Assistant and absolutely love it. The atmosphere is generally pretty relaxed, but my bosses always keep me busy with special projects to work on. Currently, I am working on cataloging all of the CDs from various performances on campus—groups like the Symphony Orchestra, Jazz Ensemble, and so on. Working in the Music Library has been a productive and fun way for me to earn my little bit of spending money.

After my work shift and Music Theory class from 1-3, I headed over to the admission office for our weekly intern meeting. This day was a little different than others: after updating our fellow interns and advisers on where we stood with our respective projects, it was time to start filming our first video for the Day for Admitted Students (DFAS). Filming was hysterical, and I am almost certain we have more ‘blooper’ footage than ACTUAL footage, but am confident that the final product will be both funny and professional.  Be on the lookout for that!

image-1After getting a good workout in and a nice dinner at the Caf, it was time for an end-of-the week nap. Then, later that night, my roommate, friend and I (<— pictured here) went to my high school buddy’s 22nd birthday celebration. It was great to catch up with him and see that he was doing well!

The bulk of my Saturday was spent working with my Business School team on a project for my Organizational Behavior and Management class. Our project consists of reading over a case, analyzing the problems within the case, and coming up with our own solutions for said problems. It will take a lot of work putting everything together, but it won’t be anything our team cannot handle!

Saturday night I went to an a cappella performance by the Cleftomaniacs on the Barrett Hall Porch. They sounded great! The group was hosting another a cappella group from American University while they were on their Spring Break. It was a fun way to segue in to my quiet night, consisting of Netflix and (again) late-night Wawa.

Sunday is my work day. I woke up a little late (11:30-yikes!) in order to get ready for MY a cappella group’s rehearsal at 12:30. It was a blast! We are currently learning a song that I personally arranged, and cannot wait for it to be premiered at our group’s Wren 10. For those of you who don’t know what this is, Wren 10 is a concert held every week on Wednesdays at 10 o’clock on the Wren building’s portico. Each of the 11 a cappella groups get to perform once a semester!

After my rehearsal, I turned in a job application (fingers crossed!) for the summer, and headed back to Ewell Hall for another work shift from 4-7. After my shift, I went to the Williamsburg Library Theatre for a special Piano Trio performance by a traveling group, Triple Helix. It was so great to see and hear such a talented group play selections written from all around the world. My personal favorite was the Mendelssohn Trio in d minor.

Now, I write this from the Psychology Lab in Tyler Hall (where my friend Lisa does research) at 1 am while I take a break from my homework. I think I will head back to my dorm in Jamestown soon to get a good night’s sleep! Overall, it was a busy, but very fun weekend. I was productive, so here’s to hoping the rest of the week will be just as awesome!

John A.

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