A Few of my Favorite Things

There are many intangible things in life that bring happiness: a pull-through parking spot, your favorite song coming on the radio, and finding money in random places. Similarly, for me there are three really simple objects in life that somehow just make me ridiculously happy (so if you need some happiness I suggest investing in any of the following)!!!

  1. Balloons: Ever since I was an itsy bitsy I have LOVED BALLOONS. There are so many colors and so many sizes, plus don’t even get me started on balloon animals or balloon hats!! In addition, seriously who couldn’t entertain themselves (or small children) for at least three hours with balloons, they are the perfect distraction no matter the circumstance!
  2. Bubble wrap: Yes, it keeps fragile items safe while shipping, but did you know that bubble wrap is also AMAZINGLY ENTERTAINING!? Competitions to pop as many bubbles as fast as possible are always good for multiple laughs. Plus, bubble wrap is a GREAT stress reliever! If you’re frustrated and need to decrease your frustration just pop some bubble wrap!
  3. Play-doh: Just like balloons, the colors are what make play-doh wonderful! You can also mold and shape it in so many different ways to make so many different things. Do you want to make a venomous snake or try to get fancy and make a giraffe—your mind is the only thing that limits you with play-doh! Just give me some play-doh and ill be entertained for hours upon hours!

SO there they are! Three things to play with that will definitely make you smile. And yes, you may now think that I am an eight-year-old child—and honestly I would not disagree with the statement at all. COME ON… wouldn’t the world be a much better place if we were all eight-year-old children at heart?


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