Fully engaged in Williamsburg.

I’m not talking diamonds here, so don’t get too excited. However, being fully engaged in a W&M lifestyle and the Williamsburg Community makes for a pretty happy life in a very pretty place.

With the warm weather and official and long-anticipated arrival of spring, this campus comes alive. People emerge squinting from the library to make the Sunken Gardens and Terrace hotspots on campus once again. But, more than that, the weather invites everyone to look around and take advantage of just how beautiful this area is.

In honor of that, on the very first nice Saturday of the year, we planned an afternoon trip to Jamestown Beach.  Sometimes Virginia Beach is just a little too far, so even though the James River lacks waves, the sand and water are enough to keep everyone entertained. Football’s just as fun and the company’s always nice. Plus, it’s only a 10 minute drive down Colonial Parkway! Saving gas money, mitigating our Carbon footprint, staying close enough to campus to go back when we realize it’s Free Ice Day at Rita’s. It’s all good.

The next day, which was almost as beautiful, we headed over to New Quarter Park where I learned to play Frisbee Golf. Who knew that was even a real thing? I certainly didn’t. But, not only is it real, it’s really fun. They have this whole course set up and it only costs a few dollars. Current students, you should really go check it out. Future students, don’t forget…and then check it out in a couple years. Woo!

But, this is the College, where we balance a ton of fun by taking meaningful initiative in the community that provides such a great setting. So before I met up with friends at the beach on Saturday, fellow society members and I headed over to the local 4-H Club where we helped tidy the place up before their busy summer season begins. Chores were divided amongst the W&M students, each there representing a service club, honor society, and even a fraternity (impressively early for a Saturday morning, I should add).

Kira and I raked until our arms felt like they would fall off, while other members helped build a platform for an air conditioning unit. The frat guys mopped and the service club members transported our piled-high leaves to the woods. We left the 4H center looking very welcoming for the kids who will arrive there to celebrate their Hearts, Heads, Hands and Health. And look at that. I even learned something. Who knew there was time for that sort of thing second semester, senior year?

It was a very productive morning and, in the end, made the afternoon at the beach, trip to Rita’s, and Frisbee Golf even better because I value the fact that I’m not a not freeloader here. While our time here as students is temporary, we all find a unique way to become fully ingrained in the larger community. By giving back as much as we take, we encourage a warm welcome for each new group of students and make sure this place stays pretty for all our neighbors and friends that permanently call this place home.

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