You + These = W&M student


Senior year of high school is full of excitement, tears, endings, and new beginnings.  If you have not made a decision about attending the College of William and Mary, I would like to aid you on your college selection journey!

This is the place for you if:

  • You are hard working and enjoy a challenge: the courses at William and Mary are by no means easy. If you are making the grade in high school without putting forth much effort, DO NOT expect to make good grades at William and Mary with the same attitude. At the college, you will have to study, read, and do your homework before class in order to maintain a decent grade point average. Many freshmen make the mistake of continuing their high school study habits but you have to step up your game. In fact, you should work very hard your freshman year because it is harder to strive for a high GPA than to lower your GPA.
  • You are unique: Personality is very important here. It ranges from the social butterfly to the socially inhibited but everyone finds their own group of friends due to the diversity at W&M. Each student’s uniqueness has made W&M stand out from other universities. I mean come on, what other school is in the Guinness World Record book for performing Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” in the Sunken Gardens? Yup just William and Mary.
  • You have a dream. Though it may not be as national as Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream, your dream is very significant and impactful to you. It may be small scale like creating a new organization, creating a major so you can carry out your dream career, or going abroad to your dream country! You can do all those things here.
  • You want a great and affordable education. Public Ivy do I have to say anymore?

YAY!!! You are coming to W&M because you fit one or more of these descriptions! Kudos for you!  In my next blog, I will tell you how to get to William and Mary providing some tips for the application process. So stay tuned Prospects!

College Application Cartoon

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