Too early to be Stressed

So… the year has just started and already my agenda (and I’m sure yours too) is booked with events, meetings, and hoopla!  The first week of classes (yes the one where we only had three days to go) was super long and I was already going to my professor’s office hours! Demanding William and Mary, that’s all I can say. But on a lighter note, I wanted to leave you with some comic relief so you can deal with the ‘beginning of the school year’ stress accordingly:

Hmmmm Hmmmm (clearing of throat)

When it seems your world is crashing down, events are full of silly clowns, read FML it’ll make you smile; its scenarios are truly worth your while.

Whilst running around like a headless chicken, remember to relax and chill for a minute. Listen to Gucci Mane songs, I am sure you will get a kick out of his growls and “burr” sounds.

And if all else fails and it’s just one of THOSE days, visit the Center of Student Diversity with its bright bold feng shui. Ms. Brown is sure to make you smile and Dr. Hurte is sure to encourage you in a way that will have you saying “It’ll be OKAY”.

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