So Where are we Eating Tonight?

The Imperial

Even though I am in a different country, my heart is still American meaning it still loves food! Eating is America’s favourite pastime and I am sure most people would not argue with that.  For those coming to Exeter one day in the future, it is nice to try good restaurants.  First stop is The Imperial.  This is a short walk from the campus and has quality food at inexpensive prices.  In addition, every student receives approximately five coupon books during Welcome Week for this restaurant.  With your coupons, you save lots of money on steak, curry, and breakfast meals.  The Imperial is a nice hangout spot for students and I eat there at least once a week.

Second stop is the Blackhorse pub.  This is a ten minute walk from campus and has delicious fish and chips.  Its relaxed environment allows for students to hang out in small groups and watch football or rugby.  The restaurant has reasonable prices and is a nice change from The Imperial. The next stop is Boston Tea Party! Do not leave without getting a latte and a Belgian waffle with bacon.  It is the best waffle you will ever have in England.  The waffle tastes like cake and with the salty bacon, it is like a meal made in heaven.  In plus, the baristas put cool patterns in the steam of your coffee.  Sometimes a heart shows up in your cup and other times it is a leaf.

If you want to order in, Great Wall delivers Chinese cuisine and there is always Dominoes! Even though you cannot buy it with Flex points—because you do not have a meal plan—you have to order it for one thing. In exchange for cheesy bread, Exeter’s Dominoes has waffles.

Traditional English Breakfast

I know what you are thinking “BUT I LOVE CHEESY BREAD!” However, it is definitely an even exchange.  The waffles come with two dipping sauces: toffee and chocolate.  This meal is a sugar rush that no candy, chocolate, or shortbread cookie could ever match.

Remember to stop by a couple of Chippies to compare the fish and chips.  Don’t forget to try cheesy chips and traditional English breakfast.  There are a couple of general rules to know when dining out in England.  You have to pay to eat-in coffee shops, so take away is cheaper.  You have to order at the bar for all restaurants. If you sit at the table waiting for a server, they will never come.  You have to choose your table, note the table number, order at the bar, and give the table number to the cashier.  Embrace the unique eating culture and remember “when in Rome, do as the Romans”.

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