Senior Bucket List

When I say bucket list I do not mean to sound ominous. It is not the end of our lives but it is the end of an important chapter in our lives even if we are obtaining graduate degrees from William and Mary, undergrad is quickly coming to an end and there are a few things that all seniors need to do as undergraduates before May 15, 2011.

This is a list that I compiled during one of my late nights at William and Mary, in between studying for two exams, writing essays for law school, and searching for a job. I hope that my fellow seniors do at least a few of the activities and future seniors start early so they can complete it in its entirety!

  1. William and Mary Triathlon—if you do not recall what it entails…you are not a true TWAMP (Typical William And Mary Person) and I urge you to ask the next person you come in contact with about it
  2. Take multiple pictures with multiple statues you find on campus and in Colonial Williamsburg—be sure to put on your thinking face with Thomas Jefferson and if you do not have one of those  faces make a silly one
  3. Visit Colonial Williamsburg on a beautiful day and admire the sheep
  4. Lay down a track in Swem studios—this may be the only chance you have to pursue your rap career before your real career begins
  5. Visit the special collections exhibit in SWEM—I know it sounds TWAMPY but there is some very neat history there
  6. Go to a Wren Ten—soon students will have to pay to see these a cappella groups  especially with the rising gas prices
  7. Visit the new education school and bask in its ambiance and beauty—more importantly, goof off on the terrace when the weather is warmer
  8. Introduce yourself to a freshman—preferably the ones in your old freshman room and take them out to lunch  because you just might make their day and make a new friend in the process
  9. Plan a flash dance at the sundial with eleven of your favorite people—if I witnessed it, it would literally make my life
  10. Sharpen a “#2” wooden pencil using an electric pencil sharpener on the 3rd floor of Swem Library—bring your running shoes because someone is going to run after you with a heavy book but that’s the chance you take  and the evil glances are worth the laugh
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