One, two, three BREAK

You know its time for a break when you engage in any of these activities:Thanksgiving

a.     When you put your shirt on inside out, go to two classes, and go to work before you realize it is on inside out

b.     When Swem Library has become your new home; I mean it does have a coffeemaker, bathroom, and couch, sounds like all of the essentials of a house to me!

c.      When you go to class and at the end of it, you are wondering what actually occurred in that 50 minutes or hour and twenty minutes you were sitting there

d.     When your mom calls you and asks what kind of dessert you want on Thanksgiving Day!

e.      When you go to sleep past 2am every night because you are doing 8 projects, 12 papers, and 1 math assignment

So, yea… it’s time for me to go! Tuesday is the last day of classes! Wooohooo Be out of the residence halls by 10am Wednesday! And if you are anything like me, you will be out as soon as that last class ends! Please be safe and come back refreshed for the last week of class!!! (Time flies when you are having fun.) Remember to give thanks on Thursday, shop until you drop on Friday, and attend the playoffs game on Saturday! Go TRIBE!

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