Wow I cannot believe that this will be my first blog as a William and Mary alum. It is amazing how fast four years can go by and how many bonds you make with phenomenal people. I am sorry for my tardy blog behavior but graduation to work in North Carolina to moving to Indiana, its been a pretty busy and stressful summer. Shout outs to the class of 2015! I know you all will do bigger and better things than the classes that have come before you except for 2011 that is 🙂

Today I just wanted to write a short blog for the freshmen and the seniors specifically. Class of 2015 take advantage of the everything you can, get out of your comfort zone, do something random like synchronized swimming, play golf. Definitely hit those books hard so you are not trying to pull up your grade point average during your last three years of college! But, still have fun because its all about balance.

Seniors, Class of 2012, top dogs: this is crunch time! You are applying to graduate programs, filling out job applications (if they exist), busting out those senior seminars, and figuring out what you want to do after W&M is no longer your world. It’s scary and many fret that every other senior has it together while they have not the slightest clue about their post graduation plans. Believe me most of you are in the same predicament and some people are better at masking their unknowingness with big words and long sighs. Seniors, make sure you have plenty of options. Apply to several programs and mix up their concentrations so you have the ability to choose. Take the Graduate Record Exam and the LSAT if you are considering law school because if you do not get into the school that you want, you can always obtain your Masters first and save law school for later. Always have a plan B.

Lastly know that you can do anything that you put your mind to. My mother said that to me all the time and I guarantee those words have plunged me into a world I though I could never go. With a lot of good support from my W&M family, I had many options my senior year and I believe I made the right choice. Remember, cherish W&M and know the struggle makes your success ten times better. Good luck and hats off to all those beginning a fresh start at William and Mary!

Lawyer Girl

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