Do you have change?

I work at the Sadler Center Information desk and on more than one occasion people have come to the desk asking for change for a twenty, ten, or five dollar bill. However, the information desk does not handle money except during special events. For example, the information desk does sell tickets for the William and Mary day at Busch Gardens and it sells King and Queen Tickets, but we do not have money year around. So on a regular basis, the information desk cannot give you change for any dollar bill.  The dining halls, student exchange, and Wawa are the best places to ask for change especially when you need quarters to do your laundry. You also have the option of putting money on your express card. Thankfully, the Bursar’s office is not the only place that puts money on express so take advantage of the central location of the student exchange where you can also put money on your express account. These are just a few fun facts about the information desk and how to get change on campus.  Believe it or not, these little facts come in handy at the most opportune times.

Info Desk Worker

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