Though summer break is upon us, many William and Mary students do not break.  A plethora of students study abroad with professors over the summer, for instance, two of my sorority sisters are studying in Italy and South Africa for a month.  They are both taking summer courses while abroad so they receive credit hours, a new outlook on a different culture, and a vacation all in one trip.

Some William and Mary students are interning with various offices, schools, universities and companies over the break. For instance, a friend of mine is interning at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to gain research experience and another student is shadowing a lawyer in her hometown.  Many aspiring educators journey to schools across the country to teach summer classes at the elementary and middle school level.  Others may take courses at community colleges to fulfill major requirements. Rising Juniors and Seniors take the summer to prepare for the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT), Graduate Record Examination (GRE), or other post graduate testing so they can apply for graduate school in the fall.

William and Mary provides myriad opportunities, you just have to apply and put your best foot forward. There are many ways to find out about these various summer possibilities. For example, the secretary for the psychology department sends weekly emails to all psychology majors a list of internships available for the summer. I applied to a program that I received from the secretary and was accepted. The Reves Center in Reves Hall by the Campus Center provides students with all summer study abroad information. The career center, admission, Residence life, and the Sadler Center (just to name a few) all hire students for the summer and the extra change is especially helpful when you are taking summer courses.

Remember summer is  a time to relax. If you don’t have vacation planned, take a beach weekend, get your hair done, or go out for ice cream. Summer is usually another season of “work” for the WM student, but unwind from finals before you start any new work.

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