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I'm going to Hogwarts! I know NERD!

Greetings from Weekend Irelander,

I am having a blast in England right now, mostly because I have planned a plethora of my big trips in advance. Since you will probably spend fewer hours in class during the week compared to a semester at William and Mary and all the courses are pass fail, you will have more time to plan and explore the world! Less class time does not mean less effort, however.

In the city of Bath, hanging out with Jane Austen.

You have an opportunity to do papers well before the deadline especially since you may be MIA most weekends. Leave some weekends open for planning with your new friends but plan your big weekends like France, Scotland, Spain, Italy and Ireland. Ryanair is a cheap airline to fly with. You will want to fly out of London or Bristol. London is four hours by bus and two hours by train from Exeter. Bristol is only two hours by bus. This route is much cheaper than flying out of Exeter’s airport because this airport has less traffic and raises its prices to meet low demand. In essence, this is the best route for the broke college student. Megabus is the cheapest way to bus to these major cities from Exeter. I am catching a ride to Bristol for a whopping 3.50 pounds which is approximately six United States dollars. Can you say AWESOME?

When travelling, make sure you collect something at all your destinations. I collect postcards for instance and plan on making a study abroad scrapbook to house my memories. My other international friends collect things like rings, license plates, spoons, shot glasses, etc… It is nice to have something to commemorate your travels. If you study during the fall semester, remember Christmas presents for your loved ones. How cool is that? You gave your dad an authentic Ireland collectible straight from the Dublin city limits. None of your siblings will be able to top that. Therefore, you will be the favourite child and maybe your dad will forget about all the money you spent abroad. Well, I have to pack for my weekend trip in Ireland!


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