Abroad Bound

I’m GOING TO ENGLAND IN THE FALL!!!!! Sorry I’m a little excited. Anyways, William and Mary offers great opportunities for studying abroad and it’s a once in a lifetime experience…or so I’ve heard.  I thought my journey so far would be something to share, so in the next series of blogs I will be giving you the ins and outs of study abroad.  Preparing for study abroad can be overwhelming and its nice if you someone who has been through it helps you with your journey. From the grueling paperwork process to the little things that are easy to forget, I will take you step by step  through study abroad as I know it.

The place to start is the Reves Center for International Studies. Even if you are thinking about study abroad and do not have any idea where you want to go, attend a study abroad advising session at the Reves Center. During this session, the peer advisor gives you an overview of the application process and all study abroad entails.  You receive paperwork that helps you organize your study abroad experience such as a planning checklist and important forms for study abroad. The next step is to research the places you would like to go. First, start with the Reves Center’s summer and semester abroad pamphlets. Make sure you view the various requirements such as language and grade point average so you do not apply for a program that you are not eligible for.  If you do not like any of those choices, research other options. The Reves Center has books about programs offered elsewhere and if they don’t help, I’m sure Google can.

There are two types of programs you can consider: summer or semester. Some choose summer study because their semesters are packed tightly with classes they must take at William and Mary and others choose it because it is more convenient for their schedules.  Students choose semester study abroad because there are tuition exchange opportunites where you pay William and Mary tuition rates and you stay three months rather than a month stay in a summer program.  There are pros and cons for both and it is your responsibility to decide which works best for you.

Until next time, start that research and next blog, I’ll help you with the next steps.


England Bound Suffolk Girl

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