Underclassmen Take On An Exclusive B-School Opportunity

At William & Mary there is the opportunity to take classes of various topics ranging from Divas & Muses to Organic Chemistry to Diversity in the Workplace, a specialty class within the business school. I was nominated by an upperclassman, who often gives me great advice as I plan my educational career, for Diversity in the Workplace. From taking this class, I have learned more about the importance of diversity within corporations, and institutions, to promote creativity when collaborating, and problem solving.

Freshmen & sophomores interested in pursuing business and, more importantly, interested in adopting an all-inclusive leadership style, meet on Tuesday nights to discuss the importance of diversity in the workplace. This two-credit class is most certainly one of my favorites, because I learn more about my values as a leader, and receive advice regarding how I can improve my teamwork skills.

Our last major event consisted of a few panels, and networking events, with business professionals from the District of Colombia, Maryland, and Northern Virginia. Our strategy was to beat D.C. traffic by leaving Williamsburg at 5:45 AM. The 3-hr bus ride is a blur, as I spent that time trying to squeeze in a few more hours of sleep, and when we arrived at the Westwood Country Club I was prepared for a great experience.

Every student received a snazzy, b-school pad-folio to take notes in during the series of panels ranging from entrepreneurship, marketing, and finance/accounting. I appreciated the opportunity to ask questions of the alumni who understood the passionate atmosphere, coupled with the rigorous nature, of being an underclassman at William & Mary, and leveraging that experience to provide insightful advice for how to best succeed at William & Mary.

I was surprised at how common it was for current professionals in business to confess how they had completely changed career paths. I learned it’s all about pursuing your passions which will enable long-term success, and that execution is key when giving a presentation – more so than the product/idea itself. There was a series of interesting tidbits given by alumni, and many of them stressed the importance of knowing how to use Excel, and gave very candid descriptions of their respective companies.

At the conclusion of the event, I had a better understanding of various company cultures, and potential career paths. I have learned great leadership advice which has allowed me to better collaborate on a team, and I would highly recommend underclassmen to consider taking Diversity in the Workplace, which is offered in the Spring. Planning for my future has always excited me, and even though I am very excited for what comes next, I am most interested in enjoying the present, and living each day to its fullest.

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