JP Morgan Chase & Co: Freshman Experience

This weekend I was fortunate enough to attend the JP Morgan Chase & Co sponsored event aimed to introduce freshmen to the company’s culture, and to share the company’s goals of incorporating diversity. I had a phenomenal time, despite not being able to slip sight seeing into my schedule. Regardless, I still highly valued the opportunity to expand my network, and meet 60+ freshmen from across the nation who self-identify as a minority.

I enjoyed meeting other people of diverse backgrounds, and related most with those who were first generation scholars, women, Hispanic, and/or coming from low-income families. I finally gained the will power to do what I have wanted to do at my previous networking events – and that is to introduce myself to (nearly) everyone I made eye contact with. I found it interesting to hear about what events/programs exist at other universities, and how I should never take the Raymond A. Mason School of Business at W&M for granted. This newfound realization arose upon discovery that some universities do not offer anything but an economics major for those trying to make their way to NYC in the financial services industry.

The two-day program itself was very well organized, and I am most thankful that all travel expenses were to be covered by JP Morgan Chase & Co. This may be common, and even expected, for those familiar with big city conferences such as this, but for me it is all brand new, and I truly appreciate the opportunity to experience the company culture first-hand while not breaking the bank.

JP Morgan Chase & Co has an incredible group of employees who really want to incorporate diversity, and even asked us mere freshmen for our input regarding future plans of implementing a more diverse and inclusive company culture. I find these changes to be necessary given everything on the news in regards to the new presidency, and the need to address the problems of discrimination as shared via the Black Lives Matter movement.

My favorite part of the conference was the case competition. We were randomly assigned to a team, and asked to discuss what services JP Morgan Chase & Co could provide to the mock clients of the case. My team was 1 of 4 selected out of 23 to present what JP Morgan Chase & Co could offer to the company. I enjoy creating a strategy, collaborating, and confidently presenting solutions to challenging case problems. I was praised upon taking my seat by a stranger I had met on Day 1 – just emphasizing the genuine support I have, and potentially will continue to receive from individuals I met with this weekend.

I adore recapping my experience and overarching themes that were highlighted at this conference. I must admit it was a bit intimidating to represent William & Mary by myself, but I’d like to believe I did a great job. I would not change anything about the program even if I could – everything was absolutely perfect.

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