10 Reasons to Join the Class of 2021

Anxious: the best word to describe high school seniors who anticipate letters from universities of their dreams. April 1st: the day by which William & Mary will invite admitted students to visit the university in the spring. What follows is a list of 10 reasons that explain why I chose William & Mary, and why I encourage prospective students of the Class of 2021 to join the Tribe.

  1. Everyone at this school is passionate about something, but ultimately, everyone here shares a long-term goal to become successful. The passion found throughout campus is like no other. I am not too sure how I will be able to limit this to 10 reasons, when I am obsessed with this university, and everything here is so unbelievable that I feel as though I am dreaming.
  2. It is so easy to take a day-off, whether you consider yourself as a history buff (see: Colonial Williamsburg), a sun-bather (see: College Creek), or like myself, an avid consumer/contributor to the economy (see: The Williamsburg Outlets). For the artsy kids: Richmond is less than an hour away. Balance between academic work, and a social life is extremely important for everyone, which is why I love how there is a perfect Williamsburg getaway to fit every student’s personality.
  3. Incredibly genuine, easygoing professors – and that is coming from a business major who has tried everything from biology to theater.
  4. The food… in Colonial Williamsburg. The beloved Cheese Shop with its legendary House Dressing. I will not confirm or deny a purchase of an entire bottle of House Dressing that I may or may not have eaten (with bread) for breakfast (at 11:00AM). I recently discovered a new locally-sourced restaurant, Lokal Cafe, with the perfect lounge downstairs to get work done in a chic environment. Not to mention the Blackbird Cafe which is rumored to have the best cookies in town!
  5. A very walkable campus. If you don’t believe me – here’s an idea: walk to the gym. (It only takes 15 minutes to walk from one side of campus to the other.)
  6. Research opportunities left and right – it’s just a matter of finding them. I took initiative to schedule a meeting with a finance professor to learn about opportunities in the business school, and at the end of our meeting I was welcomed on her research team. My best friend is majoring in mathematics, and also doing research. I highly recommend pursing this enrichment opportunity and believe it is a feasible opportunity across all majors.
  7. Not too big, not too small; just right perfect. Being an only child, the transition to college was a bit intimidating. I was under the impression that I would feel alone, but that ancient belief couldn’t be farther from the truth. I am constantly sending soft smiles & waving to people from both my small seminar classes, and even from my large lecture classes. I guess you could call me an extroverted people-person, since I believe the best part about the size of our student body is that I could meet someone new every week. Honestly the best size – I would not ask for anything different.
  8. Intelligence everywhere, captivating conversations in the dining halls, and innovative ideas at every (brick) corner. We are a medium-sized liberal arts college, but a better description would be a perfect sized community with a genuine, open-minded student body.
  9. Lake Matoaka & the trails for the perfect getaway. I highly recommend paddling on Lake Matoaka at sunset. I happened to go paddling the same week other girls were going Greek, so the following week, I told everyone I received a bid from Kappa Kappa Kayak.
  10. The culture. How can I brag about William & Mary and omit the university’s diverse, unique culture? I can’t. In fact, when prompted to disclose my reason for choosing William & Mary I always share my love for the community of students, and faculty. I am often smiling at strangers on tours at William & Mary, and wish I could recite these reasons to all prospective students. Hopefully, this reality is what you have been dreaming of… Is it too soon to say I hope to see you in the fall?
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