Words of Welcome from the Transfer Interns!

Our Transfer Interns have been so excited to meet the newest members of our community. So much so that they decided to share their love for W&M and excitement for our newest transfer students! Check out their stories and advice below, and follow along on @wmadmission as they take over our Instagram for the week!

Nina Raneses ’22, Government Major, Alexandria, VA
“One thing that makes William & Mary so special to me is that everyone treats you like family no matter what. My favorite example of this was the time I was returning to my dorm with a fellow resident assistant after RA training finished for the day. We were braving a torrential downpour together under my umbrella when we noticed a girl running without any cover. We quickly gestured for her to huddle with us, and after thanking us she asked us how we were enjoying campus so far. We quickly realized that she had mistaken us for freshmen, as she was an OA, and we mistook her for one as well! I love telling this story because I think it shows how dedicated William & Mary students are to help one another out, whether they’ve only just met or have known each other for years. I’m thankful for this more than ever—we’re braving this storm together. From the moment you step on campus to the lifetime you will spend as alumni, take pride in the fact that you are a part of this one tribe, one family. We have your back. Congratulations, welcome home, and Go Tribe!” – Nina

Kristin Franco ’22, Economics Major, Darien, CT

“I remember driving to Williamsburg and feeling a rush of nerves as I saw the beauty of this campus. I told myself that I would not decide until I saw some sign. My parents and I just started to walk around campus aimlessly to get a feel for it. We walked through the Sunken Garden, past the Sadler Center, and up to the Crim Dell, where I gasped. Right in front of me on the bridge, I saw a man proposing (and she said yes)! I mean, talk about a sign. Later that day, I met with my best friend’s older sister, a senior about to graduate in a few days. She took time out of her busy schedule to rave about the university and take me out to a quintessential Williamsburg lunch – the Cheese Shop. Later that night, I walked through DoG street with my parents and decided that William & Mary was the place for me. They bought me a sweatshirt and took me out to eat at the DoG Street Pub. No matter where you end up, the transfer process helps you learn and grow so much. While I was not extremely unhappy at my previous institution, I knew that I would better fit elsewhere and did not want to settle. Applying to transfer is a big step, and you all should be proud of yourself for making this decision. I am so grateful for all the opportunities W&M has given me. Even with this unprecedented past year, I would not change a thing about my experience. I cannot wait to welcome you in as a member of the Tribe! Congratulations!!” – Kristin

Laura Tutko ’22, English and Sociology Major, Ashburn, VA
“I have been drawn to William & Mary ever since I was a little girl. The architecture and the wonder of the campus have always been appealing to me, but as I entered college, I realized what makes W&M unique: the people. All through my transfer process, the conversations I had with students, the admissions staff, and the faculty have made it clear that W&M was right for me. When I was both a transfer applicant and a new student, I saw how passionate W&M students could be about their studies and interests and how they could show the same level of enthusiasm for their peers. One of my favorite memories from my transfer orientation was when my group leader struck up a debate about which fast-food chain has the best french fries. We were all so passionate about our favorite fries yet so open to hearing the opinions of our peers. It sounded like a UN debate, but it felt like a chat between old friends. It felt like home. This random little conversation has come to symbolize my interactions on the whole at W&M, whether they be about french fries or social justice. Even though it’s been a challenging year without these in-person conversations, the same camaraderie carries through Zoom squares and the online community. We’re one Tribe, one family, and we stick together through it all. Welcome home—we’re so happy you’re here! Congratulations!” – Laura

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