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We Admit It! As the year comes to a close, we always like to take a moment to reflect. For some students like Alison Walsh, they just finished up their first year at William & Mary, engaging in the community and going on a multitude of adventures. Other students like Matthew Packer are graduating after a fulfilling four years, having left their mark in a wide variety of ways (such as serving as President’s Aide!). Here is what these students had to say about their experiences at William & Mary.

Lauren Cunningham '20

“I love William & Mary because it has allowed me to accomplish so much while also growing tremendously as a person, leader, and friend. As my junior year comes to a close, I can honestly say that this school has given me opportunities I never imagined I would have. Between double majoring, spending a summer in Prague, running a club sports team, joining a social sorority, being the president of an honors fraternity, going on a trip to New York City with the Career Center, volunteering at the Admission Office, and being an Orientation Aide, I can honestly say I have done it all. I would not have been able to do any of it without the enthusiasm, passion, and community the Tribe values so much, and that I am thankful for every day.”

— Lauren Cunningham ’20

Matthew Packer and President Rowe“My interest in attending William & Mary started because my older brother went here, but I would eventually develop my own reasons. I decided to attend William & Mary because the Tribe understands what it means to be a community. Our students and faculty are supportive of each other’s endeavors, and I’ve personally felt that support all four years here on campus. The best thing about attending William & Mary is the impact that individual students can have on the campus and community. I have been selected for numerous leadership positions no matter my class year or major and learned skills from working with other students that I will never forget.”

— Matthew Packer ’19

“Since I can remember, I have been coming to William & Mary’s campus. A lot of my family photos consist of my older sisters and me in front of the Wren Building, in the stocks on Dog Street, or eating at the Cheese Shop. I had grown up hearing the stories of how my grandparents met here in undergrad and how my parents met here in law school. Because William & Mary was such a prominent school in my family, I was hesitant to consider it when I was looking at colleges junior year. As the youngest in my family, I wanted to be a trailblazer and follow a new path forged by myself.

Alison Walsh '22However, this mindset completely changed once I stepped onto campus for the purpose of college touring. I felt so at home on the tree-lined pathways adjacent to the Sunken Garden, and I was immediately aware of the diversity of the student body, which was a big factor for me in my college search. As you can imagine, my parents and grandparents were overjoyed when I came out of my tour with William & Mary as my top choice for college. I, too, have been overjoyed with my experience here. From the organizations I have joined, to the exciting classes I am taking, to the amazing community of people I have, I am truly where I am supposed to be and have created a life that I am proud of here. I am so excited to see what the next three years have in store for me!”

— Alison Walsh ’22

Sonia Kelly '22“‘What do students do in Williamsburg?’ is one of the most common questions I’ve gotten from visitors. Williamsburg is quiet, but William & Mary’s campus is active; not a weekend goes by without a campus-wide 5k, philanthropy event, sports game, or conference. My biggest priority for college was a tight-knit campus community. At W&M, this is created by the students, faculty, alumni, and families and their dedication to build and grow these connections, not simply by its size or campus. Williamsburg has Busch Gardens, Yorktown Beach, and dozens of pancake houses nearby, but I find myself wanting to spend my time on the Sunken Garden, at Lake Matoaka, on the Terrace, or anywhere else on campus where I feel completely at home. I wanted a school where students wanted to be there, on campus, engaging in the community, and my first year at W&M has definitely proven this true.”

— Sonia Kelly ’22

Jonathan Lawton '20“What first drew me towards William & Mary was its rich legacy. I was looking for a school that would challenge me to break through my own barriers and discover new aspects of myself, so I was thrilled at the opportunity to become a part of the Tribe’s unique history and scholarly prestige. Then, the moment I stepped foot onto campus, it clicked. The beauty and tranquility of my surroundings made me feel immediately welcome. Somehow, I got the sense that I was standing exactly where I was supposed to be. From that instant, Williamsburg felt like my home away from home. Finally, what keeps me here is undoubtedly the community. Everybody here has a unique spark that makes them truly extraordinary, and it is a joy to discover those aspects of my peers. I have never met as many kind, brilliant, and inspiring people as I have at William & Mary, and I don’t think that will ever change.”

— Jonathan Lawton ’20

Jack Zhang
Assistant Dean of Admission

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