Waitlist Update — Some News for Transfers

We Admit It!  It looks like we will be able to activate the transfer waitlist in early June.  We’re still in the process of determining exactly to what extent, but below is what we do know.

During the initial admission process in April, we offered a spot on the waitlist to approximately 100 fall transfer applicants.  Most accepted that offer to remain on the waitlist.  Much like the freshman waitlist process, we will determine who among those remaining on the waitlist is the most competitive for admission, and we will begin by making offers to those individuals.  We will continue this process until we fill our incoming transfer class.  A final college transcript is incredibly helpful in making waitlist admission decisions as another set of final semester grades is often most useful in determining who’s best prepared for W&M.  So, if you haven’t done so already, SEND US YOUR FINAL COLLEGE TRANSCRIPT COMPLETE WITH GRADES FOR THE 2013 SPRING SEMESTER.

In late May/early June, the Committee will reconvene to determine who to admit from the waitlist.  Those who are on the waitlist for guaranteed admission agreements (those between W&M and the Virginia Community Colleges or between W&M and Richard Bland College) will be reviewed to see if you have met the terms of the agreement (again, your updated transcript will prove most helpful here).  Those who have now met the terms of these agreements will be contacted about admission.  If we have additional room in the incoming classes, we will also reach out to other transfer students on the waitlist who applied to W&M through the standard transfer admission process.

We make initial contact by phone.  If we do not reach you by phone, we will leave a voicemail and send an email.  Please respond to any messages from us immediately.  It’s in everyone’s best interests to keep this process moving forward as efficiently as possible.  Further information and instructions will be provided once we reach you.  Basically however, we will ask you if you remain interested in W&M.  We will give you a day or two to consider the option if you need it.  If you remain interested, you will be admitted.  You will receive an email offering you admission and linking you to our admitted student page.  From there, you can pay your enrollment deposit and you’ll be good to go.  We will also send a formal admission packet in the mail.

So that’s where we stand with the transfer waitlist process.  As June approaches, our waitlist picture for both freshmen and transfer applicants will likely continue to become clearer with each passing week.  We will try to provide additional updates as they become available.

Wendy Livingston ’03, M.Ed. ‘09
Associate Dean of Admission

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