An Update to the Update

We Admit It!  We have an update to our update on the freshman waitlist (we also admit that’s a lot of updates).  On Friday, May 8, we emailed all students currently on our waitlist to gauge whether they remain interested in persisting on our waitlist should we be able to make additional offers of admission.

As we have begun to activate our waitlist we have seen an outpouring of Tribe pride; students who are over the moon at the chance to join our Class of 2019.  We’ve also had many students tell us thanks, but no thanks.  And that makes total sense.  The gut reaction when receiving a waitlist decision is to let the institution know that you want to remain on the waitlist and in consideration for admission.  But with each passing day of April, as your decision becomes clearer, and your excitement for another university grows (you send in the check, you buy the t-shirt, you begin the search for a roommate), your interest in William & Mary may wane.  Just as it’s helpful for us to know who remains interested in William & Mary, it’s also helpful for us know who is not.

The email we sent this morning asks all students on our waitlist to complete a short online form simply indicating whether or not they remain interested in staying on our waitlist and being considered for admission.  As our previous blog states, we are in the process of notifying students who the Committee has selected to take off the waitlist.  As we also stated, we don’t know at this point whether we will be able to admit additional students or not.  But if we are able to, it will be helpful to only consider those who have genuine interest in attending.  To consider those who do not simply prolongs the process for everyone and we know no one wants that.

As promised, we will still send an email update to all students remaining on the waitlist by mid-June.  The email you received today was not that update.  It’s simply an interim request so that we can work through the waitlist process as efficiently and thoughtfully as possible.

Wendy Livingston ’03, M.Ed. ‘09
Associate Dean of Admission

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