Now that we’re past the official launch of the new website—complete with widgets, photo galleries and blogs—there are some pages that live in different places, and there are some pages that no longer live online at all.  This is natural and productive, all part of a Darwinian process for digital content.  And looks fitter than ever.

As a result of an upgrade to the organizational scheme for news content, an older essay I penned for the William and Mary News no longer is browsable there, but I’m reposting it here for my first blog entry since the launch.  Despite having a few years of age on it, this piece still reflects my basic philosophy of how our selection process works.  Despite having a few more years of age on me, I’m still honored and excited to be part of that process.

– Henry Broaddus

Note: Since posting this blog entry, the original page that’s part of the William and Mary News archive has resurfaced.

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