The Wait is Over

We Admit It!, the Class of 2016 is finally complete.  Last night, we sent an email to all students remaining on the freshman waitlist.  That email explains that while we do not anticipate admitting additional students for the fall, we do realize that additional spaces (albeit minimal in number) could open up.  Therefore, we asked students who wish to remain on the waitlist through August 1 (regardless of numbers we would not admit students after August 1) to complete an online form (that form was linked in the email that was sent).  Should additional spaces become available, we will admit students who responded to that form only.

Any additional offers of admission would be made in the same manner as our other waitlist offers; the student would be contacted by phone (and by email if not reached by phone).  They would then have two weeks from the date of admission to accept or reject our offer.  We will not send any further communication to those students who complete the online form to remain on the waitlist.  We realize that for those of you who wanted W&M more than any other school that this news is disappointing.  However, we have no doubt that your experience at the institution that you did choose will be amazing, and we wish you all the best.  If W&M remains your top choice, you can of course explore the transfer admission process.

Speaking of transfers, the transfer waitlist is still active.  We have made our initial wave of admission offers and are waiting to see where those chips fall.  There may be additional offers to be made.  If so, they will be small in number.  In the coming weeks, we will send a communication to all transfers on the waitlist similar to the one received by freshmen and discussed earlier in this post.

Thank you to everyone for slogging through this process with us.

Wendy Livingston ’03, M.Ed. ‘09
Senior Assistant Dean of Admission 

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