The hard part is over now, right?

Well, not really.  While all decision letters have left our office, the work is not done yet.  We are now gearing up for our Day for Admitted Students.  Some would say the hard part is out of the way, but the exciting part is yet to come.  We are now waiting to hear if you have decided to choose W&M and we hope our Day for Admitted Students will help you make that decision.  While the day will be long for many of us in the admission office, we are also very excited about having a few thousand people on campus exploring a college that we all have love for and some connection to.  The college will be very busy that weekend and campus will be very exciting.  Not only will our admitted students be on campus, but young alumni will be back for Young Gurarde Weekend, our great football program will be having their spring game, so there will be a lot of excitement for our admitted students to take advantage of.  We have many opportunities for students to learn about W&M and I hope everyone takes advantage of this day.

We are excited about the plans for the day and we hope that all of the admitted students are excited and the excitement will continue throughout the day.  I know you will have options in terms of the schools that you are choosing to attend, but we hope that W&M continues to be in the running.  I look forward to seeing and meeting you all in a couple weeks!

Go Tribe!

– Randy Tripp

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