The Day after Tomorrow

The campus is bracing for a few thousand people this Friday for move-in day. Keep in mind – not just the 1380 students will show up, but parents, grandparents and other supporters will be present.

Friday promises to be an exciting time for all, and maybe a little frustrating for those folks who live on the upper floors and have lots of heavy stuff. Just know – you will get through it. The typical move-in day in Williamsburg typically has temperatures above 90 degrees with lots of humidity and raining. (Well, at least that is what my move-in experience was like.) In any event, the people that you meet, the friendships that begin to develop make it all worth it.

The Day after Tomorrow will also be an emotional time as parents begin to part ways with children that they have reared and guided along the way. Parents – please know that your children will continue to need your guidance (maybe not when they think.)

The Day after Tomorrow – new traditions will begin for students and families. New stories will begin to take form and new relationships will be forged.

The Day after Tomorrow – is the beginning of the next chapter of your life.

– Earl Granger

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