Regular Decision Processing Update

We Admit It!  We are almost there.  To date, we have downloaded almost all of our Regular Decision freshman applications.  That means almost every applicant and their parent(s) should have received an initial email from our office letting them know we have received their Common Application.  As of today, we estimate that there are still about 500 applications in the queue that we have yet to download (which means those 500 students and their parents have yet to receive the initial email from us).  We are working hard to get those last ones processed.

While this means most of our Regular Decision applicants are now in our system, it does not mean they are all complete.  There are still several thousand applications that we are working to complete.  That is absolutely normal for this time of year (after all it’s only been three weeks since the deadline and sadly these 14,000+ applications and their individual components don’t process themselves).

Remember, if you check your in-box frequently, you will be kept informed about your application.

  • You and your parents will receive an email from us when we download your application from Common App
  • You and your parents will receive a second email from us when we complete your application (meaning we match your Common App to the other required materials)
  • If we are unable to complete your application, we will send you an email letting you know what’s missing and how to submit it without penalty (these emails are generally sent in late February/early March).  Only you, the applicant, will receive this email.
  • Note: these emails may go to a spam or junk folder depending on your email client so check those also

If you have any lingering concerns, you can always reach out to us during normal business hours for further assistance.

While it’s too soon to say the end is in sight, this is always a great milestone to reach in our Regular Decision process.  Now back to the processing, and of course, the reading.

Wendy Livingston ’03, M.Ed. ‘09
Associate Dean of Admission

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