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Yesterday the political commentary of CNN, FOX, NBC, & BBC served as an audio backdrop to a very important undertaking. Yesterday was the beginning of reading season. As the leaves begin to change and the weather gets crisper we worker bees in the undergraduate admission office start the enjoyable and rewarding yet daunting task of reviewing your applications. As I opened my very first folder of the season yesterday morning I actually got a little giddy.

I look forward to reading the essays and letters of recommendation. I love watching the dvds and flipping through the photos. You’ll be surprised how much the dean staff resembles a bunch of 6 year olds on Christmas morning when new optional submissions come in the mail. We totally understand how important the admissions process is to you and we don’t take the responsibility that you’ve given us lightly. While each dean has his or her own way of going about reading files, the common denominator is that we want to make the best possible choices and continue to admit students who add to the dynamic and diverse classes that we have here at William and Mary.

If you’ve decided to apply to us early decision, thank you for choosing us. If you decided to apply regular decision thank you too. I look forward to getting to know you through your application.

– Tish Lyte

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