Patience is a Virtue

We Admit It!  We are thrilled to have the Early Decision and Spring Transfer Review completed and notifications sent.  But we’re not breathing too big a sigh of relief just yet.  The monstrosity that is Regular Decision comes up next.

Believe it or not, we have only received about 30% of the applications we expect to as of today.  What does that mean in real numbers?  It means that there are about 10,000 students who have not yet submitted their Common Application.  We are receiving several hundred new applications each day.  As we get closer to the January 1 deadline, that will increase to possibly thousands of new applications each day.  Just imagine printing, sorting, alphabetizing, stapling, labeling, data entering and filing over 10,000 applications.  That’s what we’re up to, and it takes time.  So we ask you to be patient as we begin to process all of these newly-received materials (we also ask you to send good vibes to our poor little copier that prints all of these applications as they come in).

Remember, you will get an email (as will your parents) when we process your Common Application.  You will get a second email (as will your parents) when we match your application to the other required components.  At this time of year it can take two to three weeks between the time you submit and the time you receive that first email.  It can be another two to three weeks before you receive the second email.  We know the process seems prone to mistakes but it’s actually incredibly reliable.  We will make sure your application gets completed, we just need time.

You’ve had months to prepare and submit your application.  We need a few weeks to put it all together.  Trust in the system, it works.  Relax once you’ve clicked submit, you’ve earned it.  Be patient with us, we will work with you to ensure your application gets completed.

We hear the copier whirring.  Time to get back to it.  Those files sadly won’t complete themselves.

Wendy Livingston ’03, M.Ed. ‘09
Associate Dean of Admission

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