Overheard in Transfer Committee — Spring Edition

We Admit It!  Our Early Decision Committee deliberations are complete, decisions have been released, and we are on to Spring Transfer Committee.  So transfers, it’s your turn to get an inside look at our process as it applies specifically to your applications.

Overheard in Transfer Committee Today: She’s one of the students who would need freshman housing.

We were reviewing the application of a second-semester transfer freshman (a student currently enrolled in their first semester of college who is hoping to enroll at W&M for their second semester of college and beyond).  At William & Mary, we require all freshmen to live on campus (and approximately 75% of all students live on campus as the residential component is a very important part of the W&M experience).  We of course fill all of our freshman residence hall beds when we enroll our entering class from our freshman applicant pool each spring.  So any student who is applying to transfer who is still classified as a freshman (someone who has yet to complete two full-time semesters of college) must be housed on campus in one of our freshman residence halls.

Because all of our freshman residence halls were filled from our freshman applicant pool, whether or not we can admit any second-semester transfer freshmen applicants is based on whether or not any current W&M freshmen have chosen to withdraw or leave campus.  Generally speaking, only a handful of students do so which limits our ability to admit second-semester transfer freshmen.  We share this part of our process not to frighten away any prospective second-semester transfer applicants but to help manage expectations and explain that part of our process.  Oftentimes we have to deny great applicants simply because we do not have anywhere to house them as spring transfer applicants.  However, such students are encouraged to apply again for the following fall when the housing restriction would no longer be in play.

So there you have it spring transfer applicants: an inside look.  This will likely be our only blog for Spring Transfer Committee (the small number of Spring Transfer Applicants makes that Committee a relatively easy one to get through).  More on the conclusion of both our Early Decision and Spring Transfer processes to come through our Decisions, Decisions blog series.

Wendy Livingston ’03, M.Ed. ‘09
Associate Dean of Admission

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