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Guess who’s back.  Back again.  Admit It!’s back.  Tell a friend.  (Yes Admit It! just paraphrased Eminem…we’re that cool).   But we are back and ready for a new year, new files, a new class.  The first few days following the deadline are always a bit crazy around here.  Our printers are printing as fast as their little ink cartridges let them, our fax and our phones are ringing off the hook and our email in-box is definitely overflowing.  At this time of year there are lots of frequently asked questions that we thought might be helpful to post to all of our readers.

Question: My teacher/counselor didn’t get their recommendation sent until after the deadline.  Will my application still be accepted?
Answer: Absolutely.  We’re a pretty chill group.  We do ask that you do everything in your power to ensure that materials arrive as close to the deadline as possible but we will absolutely accept materials submitted in the days and even weeks following the Jan. 1 deadline.

Question: My SAT/ACT scores didn’t get sent even though I requested them to be sent in December.  What do I do?
Answer: Don’t panic.  Just contact the testing agency and ask them to re-send the scores and we’ll match them to your file when they arrive.

Question: I just got an email from the Common App saying my payment didn’t go through.  What now?
Answer: You are first welcome to contact the Common App to see what caused the error and how to fix it (they process all online payments).  Or, you can choose to mail us a check for $70. made out to the College of William & Mary.  Make sure the student’s full name, high school and birthday are on the memo line so we can match the check to his/her application.

Question: What about mid-year grades?  When are they due?
Answer: We don’t have a specific deadline as quarters/trimesters/semesters finish at different points throughout January and February.  Just have your school send them as soon as they are available.

Question: I submitted the wrong draft of my essay.  How do I fix that since I cannot access my Common App once I submitted it?
Answer: Assuming there are major changes in the draft you had intended to send, you can email us the corrected copy (  If the differences in drafts are minor (a word or comma here or there), don’t sweat it.

Question: I just received a new award.  How do I update my file?
Answer: Please ensure that any updates are substantial in nature (schedule changes, new test scores, etc.).  If it’s a new award, it should be at the state or national level (we promise your admission does not hinge on being named English student of the month).  Any substantive updates to your application can be emailed to your regional dean.  Please include your W&M ID (the nine-digit number provided to you in the email we send confirming receipt of your application) if at all possible.

Question: Other colleges have already contacted me noting an issue with matching my transcript to my application.  Will W&M have the same problem?
Answer: Possibly.  But just remember that a) we will do everything in our power to complete any application submitted to us, and b) we will keep in touch with you every step of the way via email.  If we encounter any missing item or issue we will email you (or your school if it’s a transcript issue) to fix whatever the issue is.  We want your application to be complete as much as you do and will work with you to ensure that happens.

No doubt there are numerous other questions that have got you (or your parents) a bit anxious in these first few post-deadline days.  Feel free to submit them as comments or check out our “You’ve Applied, so now what?” website.  Let’s get 2013 and the Regular Decision process going.

Wendy Livingston ’03, M.Ed. ‘09
Associate Dean of Admission

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