Never Bet Against Your Boss

I should have known better.  The house always wins and in the case of one’s office, the boss is the house.

Anyone who knows me knows that my Sundays between early September and early February are spent on the couch, with my husband, watching football.  I am a Clevleand Browns fanatic, I am a member of two fantasy football leagues, and I generally just enjoy following the NFL.  Well this past Sunday was the first Sunday of the season and my beloved Browns faced off against the Dallas Cowboys (feel free to insert any type of “boo” or “hiss” here).  Feeling confident in my team’s ability, I made a little wager with my boss, the Associate Provost for Enrollment (who happens to be a Cowboys fan…other than that he’s a stellar guy).  The bet was that the fan of the losing team buys lunch.

All day last Friday I was taunting him filled with bravado and certainty but sadly my team did not deliver come game day.  This morning, he came in to “say good morning” and was actually quite the sport not rubbing in what had been a deplorable performance by my team.  So now lunch is on me at a place of his choosing.  It goes to show that we’re not all work and no play but the rule holds true…never bet against the house.

– Wendy Livingston

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