Kickball = Community

We Admit It!  We enjoy the lead-up to the annual deans vs. Senior Interviewers kickball match.  We enjoy winning the match even more (which this year we did – for those of you keeping score at home that brings the deans’ all-time record to 7-3).  What we really enjoy however is the camaraderie of good colleagues and friends.  Kickball is a good time; a really good time.  And it’s a great example of the sense of community that exists on the W&M campus.

Community is a W&M buzz word.  It’s why students and staff love being a part of this campus.  There’s a sense of belonging here, of friendship, of support for one another.  On this campus we bring together a wonderfully diverse, intelligent, talented, thoughtful, engaged, truly nice group of people who care about something greater than themselves and who are eager to participate in all that W&M has to offer.  This sense of community pervades all aspects of campus from the top administrators to the newest students on campus.  It’s a community that takes what it does seriously, but doesn’t take itself too seriously (as evidenced by last week’s kickball antics).  It’s a community that lacks traditional hierarchy, boundaries and cliques.  The annual deans vs. Senior Interviewers kickball match is a small but important symbol of what the W&M community is all about: good people having a great time on an amazing campus.

And one more time for good measure, #teamdeans = victorious!

Wendy Livingston ’03, M.Ed. ‘09
Associate Dean of Admission

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