It’s been a long time; I shouldn’t have left you…

I know it has been some time since my last blog, but hopefully this will give you some idea of what I have been doing the last few months.  Since my last blog, I have been keeping up with my love affair and I am happy to say we have broken up and I am looking to rekindle the relationship with over 1000 students who will hopefully say yes to this new proposal.

This process is similar to a relationship, but the roles quickly shift at this stage in the process.  Initially the student is pursuing a college and trying to make him/herself look very attractive. The ultimate goal is for the student to see “Congratulations”.   As soon as the student receives that answer, the roles quickly shift and the colleges become the ones pursuing students.  We have programming highlighting the college’s academic strengths, social outlets and everything that William and Mary has to offer in hopes that a percentage of those we told yes will respond in the same way.

After making students wait for months to hear, we are now in the same position waiting to hear from all of you.   In the same way you were anxiously awaiting to hear news, we are also anxious.  The same anticipation of the April 1 notification deadline, we feel in anticipation of May 1.  In the same way some receive disappointment, we also receive disappointment.  While I am happy to come to the end of one cycle, the next one is still going on.  Hopefully I will not be too disappointed around May 5.

– Randy Tripp

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