Is This Thing On?

I realize that especially during the summer months, students and families are traveling the college circuit, touring 15 colleges in 5 days.  I further realize that most information sessions sound the same but I do my best to add a bit of levity and laughter to my information sessions by using well-time and well-placed jokes or one-liners.  Albeit I’m no stand-up comic but I think my jokes are funny.  Nothing gets me down more than when I begin my information session with energy to spare and I tell my first joke and you can then hear a pin drop.  The audience just stares at me with sleepy eyes and blank faces.  Sometimes even when I greet the audience with a thundering “Good morning” or “Good afternoon” I get zero response.  It’s hard for me to be on my A-game if the audience isn’t even in the game.  Please, respond to me with a cursory greeting and please, laugh at my jokes.  After all, they’re for your viewing pleasure!

– Wendy Livingston

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