I’m Thankful for W&M Because…

I’m thankful for W&M because it’s an institution that grants opportunities.  Lives are changed, wishes come true, and dreams become realities.  The College is a place where if one can imagine it, one can do it.  For students who think that college is unattainable because of their family’s financial constraints, our Gateway program can provide a free education.  For freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors who want to research at the graduate level and publish papers, our excellent opportunities for undergraduate research can make that happen.  For student athletes who want to perform at high levels, our Athletic Department boasts more Colonial Athletic Association championships than any other university in the conference.  For altruists who want to make the world a better place, our Sharpe Programs provide students with service-learning and community-based research life experience.  For students who want to travel the world, see new places, and broaden their perspectives, they can study abroad with one of our numerous direct tuition exchange programs.  Though this may already seem like a lot, it’s only a handful of the opportunities that are bestowed by W&M.

I’m grateful for W&M because it’s a community where anyone can come and instantly feel part of a warm and supportive family.  It’s where people have the chance to learn from others who may have different life experiences and perspectives.  It’s where an Ivy League education is offered at a public school price.  It’s where students and faculty members are colleagues and work together toward a common goal.  It’s where I found myself, discovered my abilities, learned novel ways of thinking, and set out to conquer my life ambitions.

I’m thankful for W&M because it’s an institution that grants opportunities.

– Kia Butts

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