I shared a bathroom with a beauty queen!

Well, this is some what true. This past Saturday night, I was completely glued to the TV, my cell phone, and couch watching the Miss America Pageant. In fact, the past four Friday nights, I have ceased all action at 10 PM to watch Countdown to the Crown on TLC. Although the definition of “girly” would not necessarily be wrong when describing me, watching beauty pageants is not my idea of a fun weekend activity. However, this past January I have been on a mission. A mission to see my freshman hallmate and fellow William & Mary graduate, Miss Anna Truluck Perry, win the title of Miss America.

I will never forget my first day of freshmen move-in almost six long years ago. Covered in sweat and nervous about the next four years, I quietly moved my belongings into what would be the best living situation of my life. Anxiety high, I was too intimidated by the other 21 women on my hall to make conversation beyond the initial salutations. One girl changed that for everyone. While playing the familiar and awkward “get to know you games” a long legged lady with a sweet southern drawl made me feel completely at ease and excited for what this university had to offer. Her bubbly personality and quick wit would make that freshman transition year not only smooth, but the best year of my tenure at the College.

Whether it was eating “hall dinners” at the dining halls with all the members of our freshman hall, rushing sororities, or searching for classes amongst the many new buildings, Anna was always there to brighten our days and support our endeavors.  She even wore a sandwich-board into our a large biology class for me when I ran for Freshman Class President. Wearing an embarrassing sign into a lecture hall when you are not even in that class is true friendship! Over our four years at W&M, we watched as Anna grew into a wonderfully talented chemist and musician, all the while becoming the best person and pageant contestant she could be. This past year Anna won Miss South Carolina and has proudly worn her state title by helping St. Jude’s Hospital and representing her southern constituents.  Watching her raise money for such a wonderful cause and to see how truly happy she is helping other people brought back memories of her selfless attitude on our hall and true dedication to friendship.

Although Anna did not win the title, she represented herself, her state, the College, and all her friends/family with supreme ease and dazzling maturity. We are proud to call her a friend and a member of the Tribe. In fact, I do believe that crown would look lovely with a gold and green shash…

– Amanda Norris

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