Get Me The Griffin…And Get Him Some Pants

Admit It! You’ve been a bit perplexed by our mascot’s lack of legwear.  Last spring, William & Mary revealed a new Mascot; the Griffin.  The mythical creature has the head of an eagle (a nod to William & Mary’s American history as the second oldest college in the United States) and the body of a lion (a nod to our British heritage — the College was founded by royal charter by King William and Queen Mary of England).  Well, shortly after the Griffin’s unveiling, alum Jon Stewart ’84 was quick to joke his alma mater saying “Griffin” was ancient Greek for “rare pantless, tailed eagle”.

The Dress the Griffin app as shown on the iPad

Well, Jon’s quote was what, in part, inspired W&M’s most recent example of historical innovation, something we’ve been perfecting for over three centuries.  Today, the College’s Office of Creative Services unveiled the Dress the Griffin app for iPhones, iPads, iPod Touches and Android phones (the app is free).  Now prospective students, current students, faculty, administrators, alumni and Griffin enthusiasts worldwide can dress the Griffin in shirts (including one with President Reveley’s likeness), hats, gloves, shoes, and most importantly, pants.  Accessories, backgrounds and sound effects are also available so the Griffin can go from colonial merchant to hula bird to Elvis impersonator (or would that be im-bird-ator) with a few clicks and drags.

Want to attend a college with premier academics?  We’ve got great faculty for that.  Want to walk past one of the most romantic spots on a college campus everyday on your way to class?  We’ve got the Crim Dell Bridge for that.  Want to be inspired by a list of historical firsts as long as your arm?  We’ve got 318 years of history for that including the nation’s first law school, first collegiate honor code and first fraternity for that.  Want to take a class in the oldest academic building in the United States?  We’ve got the Wren Building for that.  Want to spend four years with a wonderful diverse, eclectic, engaging and intellectual student body?  We’ve got 5,800 undergraduates and 2,000 graduate students for that.  Want to dress our mascot?  Now we have an app for that.

Wendy Livingston ’03, M.Ed. ’09
Senior Assistant Dean of Admission

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