Freshman Waitlist Update

We Admit It!  The waitlist process is somewhat of a tricky one.  It’s a process with no absolutes, no set timeline, no predictability.  As it plays out, it often feels like we’re taking two steps forward and one step backwards.  It probably feels similarly for those students on the waitlist.  With that all being said, here’s what we can tell you now that we’ve had a chance, post-May 1, to assess our incoming class.

  • We will be going to the waitlist for a small, select group of students.  There’s no set number at this point because the class is ever evolving.  Just as we admit some students from the waitlist, others who have already accepted our offer may withdraw as other schools activate their waitlist (remember, two steps forward, one step back).  But we do believe, based on present data, that the number admitted from the waitlist will be relatively limited.
  • The Committee convened this week to select the initial group to which we will make offers

Once we decide who we wish to admit from the waitlist, we begin the process of contacting those students via the steps outlined below.

  • We will attempt to reach you by phone first.  We will call any number listed on your Common Application.  If no one answers, we will leave a message.  If we cannot reach you by phone, we will send an email.  If our messages go unanswered for a week, we will withdraw your application.
  • We will begin by determining if you remain interested in W&M (we recognize that many who initially respond to our waitlist offer in March no longer remain interested come May).
  • If you are interested in W&M, we will make you an offer of admission.  Once that happens, we ask that you submit your deposit AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.  This allows us to keep our process moving efficiently.  At most, students have two weeks to respond but we ask that you respond sooner if at all possible.
  • Students admitted from the waitlist have not missed any opportunity provided to incoming students.  We work closely with our Orientation/First Year Experience team to ensure that they are in the loop so they can work with any newly admitted students in terms of completing forms.  Roommates and residence halls aren’t assigned until July so no waitlisted students are left out and Orientation isn’t until August.

Then we wait.  We wait for those to whom we make an offer to respond.  We wait to see how movement on other schools’ waitlists impacts our class.  As that process plays out, we might reconvene the committee and make additional offers and start the entire process over again.

By June 15 at the latest, we will send an email update to all students remaining on the waitlist.

We will use this blog to provide any further updates as this process plays out over the course of the next month or so.

Wendy Livingston ’03, M.Ed. ‘09
Associate Dean of Admission

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