Do your homework…..on Facebook!

The college search in 1693 would have been easier if we had the internet. Luckily in today’s day and age, college-bound high school students are able to use the internet as the major search tool in finding information about schools. Most students enjoy spending a few hours each week perusing their friends’ information and activities on Facebook. During this study break or leisure activity, have you ever thought of using that time to search for the college of your dreams?

Well, now you can! W&M Admission is one of the only schools in the country to have both a W&M Admission Group as well as a W&M Admission Organization page. Facebook users can join the group or become a fan of W&M Admission. These pages allow us to provide you with a real taste of our personalities and daily activities as Deans of Admission. Any user can log on and watch videos related to producing an optional submission, or view our Summer Interns “warming up” to be defeated in an annual kickball match against the Deans.

On both our Group page and our Organization page you will find pictures of each Admission Dean demonstrating something they love. Did you know our Associate Provost of Enrollment is an avid golfer? Or that our Dean of Admission is a huge fan of the Hulk? You will know all of this and more by visiting our pages.

The W&M Admission Organization page will also provide you an outlet to have your questions answered. Prospective students can use our open “Wall” feature to post questions about admission or life at W&M and read responses from actual Admission Deans. You can use this space to voice your own questions or read Deans’ posts on admission topics in the “Notes” section.

Next time you log onto Facebook to check the latest status updates or pictures that you were tagged in, stop by the W&M Admissions group or become a fan!

– Amanda Norris

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