Decisions, Decisions — Spring Transfer Edition

We Admit It!  We are not only done with Early Decision, but as of this evening, we will have completed the spring transfer process also.  We are in the process of sending decisions via email to all Spring Transfer applicants.  Please be patient.  It usually takes several hours (2-3 hours) for us to launch each of the emails to each individual applicant.  Plus there’s no way to predict how quickly your particular email server/client will receive and download the email we sent.  But we can tell you some of the decisions are already on their way and more are in the queue.  Here’s what you need to know about how decisions are released and what each decision means.

Receiving Your Decision

  • Decisions are sent via email to the applicant.
  • They are sent to the email address you provided in your Common Application.
  • The sender will be College of William & Mary.
  • The subject line will be either “Good News” or “William & Mary Admission Decision”
  • Note that depending on your email server/client, our email might be sent to your spam or junk folder so please check those folders in addition to your in-box.
  • Those admitted will receive both an email and a mailed letter.  Those not admitted will receive an email only.

If you do not receive an email, and you’ve checked your spam and your junk folders, do not panic.  There are a variety of reasons why this could happen.  Please just call our office on Monday morning and let us know you didn’t receive a decision.  We will investigate why that happened and will give you a call back.  If a decision was sent and somehow didn’t get to your inbox, we will resend the decision email using a different email tool that evening (provided you call prior to 4:00pm) and we will send a hard copy in the mail.  If a decision wasn’t sent we will let you know why and will move forward from there.

Types of Decisions

Admit: Good News indeed!  Welcome to the newest members of the classes of 2015, 2016 and 2017.  We are thrilled to have you as part of the Tribe, and we hope you decide to join us this spring.  Things will move pretty quickly from here forward, especially with the upcoming holiday break.  Your decision email and the packet you receive in the mail will direct you to a website with all of the information you need (paying your enrollment deposit, information about Orientation, applying for and receiving financial aid information, etc.).  Please use that and us as a resource in the days ahead as you make your final decision about whether or not to enroll at W&M (the smart choice in our opinion).

Deny: You’re disappointed, frustrated, angry, all of the above.  We understand, and we sympathize.  We know you were hoping for a more positive outcome and we are truly sorry that such an outcome could not be reached.  As with our freshman pools, our transfer pool is competitive.  The decisions we make are not between good and bad applicants, but between good and good applicants or even great and great applicants.  Know that this decision is neither a reflection on what you’ve accomplished nor what we believe you can add to a campus community.  It is simply an unfortunate side effect of selective admission processes.  For those of you who applied as second-semester transfer freshmen, please understand we had literally only a handful of spaces to admit such students.  In some cases, transfer students who reapply for future semesters with additional coursework and grades have been admitted.

So there you have it.  Early Decision: done.  Spring Transfer: done.  Now we begin the much longer process of Regular Decision and Fall Transfer review.  This blog will progress as those processes do.  Stay tuned for updates on application processing, “Overheard in Committee” blogs and of course, when the time comes, more Decisions, Decisions.

Wendy Livingston ’03, M.Ed. ‘09
Associate Dean of Admission

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