Decisions, Decisions — Early Decision 2013

We Admit It!  The time has come.  We are in the process of sending decisions via email to Early Decision applicants.  Please be patient.  It usually takes several hours (2-3 hours) for us to launch each of the 1200+ emails to each individual applicant.  Plus there’s no way to predict how quickly your particular email server/client will receive and download the email we sent.  But we can tell you some of the decisions are already on their way and more are in the queue.  Here’s what you need to know about how decisions are released and what each decision means.

Receiving Your Decision

  • Decision are sent via email to applicants only (parents do not receive a copy).
  • They are sent to the email address you provided in your Common Application.
  • The sender will be College of William & Mary.
  • The subject line will be either “Good Things” or “William & Mary Admission Decision”
  • Note that depending on your email server/client, our email might be sent to your spam or junk folder so please check those folders in addition to your in-box.
  • Those admitted will receive both an email and a mailed letter.  Those not admitted will receive an email only.

If you do not receive an email, and you’ve checked your spam and your junk folders, do not panic.  There are a variety of reasons why this could happen.  Please just call our office on Monday morning and let us know you didn’t receive a decision.  We will investigate why that happened and will give you a call back.  If a decision was sent and somehow didn’t get to your in-box, we will resend the decision email using a different email tool that evening (provided you call prior to 4:00pm) and we will send a hard copy in the mail.  If a decision wasn’t sent we will let you know why and will move forward from there.

Types of Decisions

ADMIT:  Congratulations and welcome to the Tribe!  Yes, the “Good Things” email means what you think it means.  You are the first members of the W&M Class of 2018.  Pat yourself on the back, shout it from the rooftops, be proud of yourself – you’ve earned it!  Break out your W&M gear, wear it to school on Monday; show your Tribe Pride to the world at large.  You can be on the lookout for an official letter (signed by Dean Broaddus himself – he literally personally signs each and every offer of admission) in your mailbox in the coming days.  The link in your decision email will take you to our admitted student website where you’ll find more information on W&M, how to submit your enrollment deposit and how to spread the good news on social media (be sure to use the #wm2018 hashtag).  Again, congratulations and welcome to W&M!

Note: if you also applied to the Joint Degree Programme, those decisions are not made until the spring once we can review the entire applicant pool.  You’ll receive a decision on that part of your application in the spring when we release regular decision results.

DEFER: We are truly sorry the decision could not be more positive.  We know that W&M was your first choice and that you really love the College.  We understand this news will be disappointing and likely also frustrating.  We get it.  You are bright, accomplished, stellar individuals and we wish we were able to admit every great student who applies to W&M.  Unfortunately, we cannot.  This decision is in no way a reflection of any wrongdoing or misstep on your part.  It instead reflects the incredible strength of our applicant pool.  This year more students applied for Early Decision than any previous year in W&M’s history; that means there was increased competition for a relatively similar number of spaces in the incoming class (we bring in about 35-37% of our class through ED).

Your application will be reviewed again in its entirety during our Regular Decision process.  We certainly encourage you to make us aware of any new academic information (first-semester grades, new standardized test results, etc.) as well as any new high-level awards.  You are also welcome to submit a letter/email/statement of continued interest.  We will include that information with your original materials and review it all in the spring.  We will send you another decision when we release results to our Regular Decision applicants (if you also applied to the Joint Degree Programme we will provide you that decision in the spring also).

DENY: We know there’s little we can say (and likely nothing at all) that will make this decision palatable.  Please know that we take no joy in turning away any student, especially those who apply Early Decision.  This decision in no way a reflection of any failure or fault on your part; nor does it mean you will not be admitted to or thrive at another college or university.  It simply means that we were choosing from the best of the best, and we had to make some difficult decisions.  This decision is a final one for your freshman application (likewise if you also applied to the Joint Degree Programme that decision is included in your email and is also final).  We know that you will have other great options for next year, and those institutions will be lucky to have you as part of their incoming class.  We wish you all the best in those pursuits.

Wendy Livingston ’03, M.Ed. ‘09
Associate Dean of Admission

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