Decisions, Decisions — Class of 2016 Edition

Admit It!  You re-read the Good Things subject line and the cleverly-worded email a few times.  And then you let yourself get a little giddy.  And then you realized what it all means, you’re in!  If you are still questioning what it means, don’t.  It means what you think it means.  Congratulations and welcome to the Tribe!  The thick envelope is on its way so sit back, relax and enjoy.  The Class of 2016 promises to be one of the best in the College’s storied history and we hope you decide to become a part of it.

Reading your applications has been an honor.  Your collective intelligence, talents, accomplishments and personalities amazed and inspired us.  You were selected from the most diverse and competitive applicant pool in W&M’s history.  We have had a blast getting to know you; we now invite you to get to know us.  Explore the admitted student website linked in your decision email.  There you will learn more about the opportunities that await you at W&M and be heartily welcomed by various students, faculty and staff.  You can also join the Class of 2016’s Facebook page and view our collection of Griffin Gossip videos made especially for newly admitted students.  Read blogs, overhaul your wardrobe with the appropriate amount of green and gold from the W&M Bookstore, review all the news that’s fit to print from what we hope is your future alma mater and learn about what’s to come.  We are One Tribe, One Family, and now it’s yours.

We also invite you to visit campus for our Day for Admitted Students on Saturday, April 14.  The entire campus community will be on hand to greet you, to answer your questions and to show you why we call this campus our home.  We also offer myWM Monday programs on April 9, April 16 and April 23 in case you cannot make it to campus on the 14th.  All of these programs are outlined in detail on the admitted student website.

Again, congratulations.  You’ve earned this exciting admission and we think you’re a wonderful match for W&M.  We invite you to explore our campus to your heart’s desire, and we hope that when May 1 comes around, you see W&M as your home for the next four years.  Until then, welcome, congratulations, Go Tribe!

Wendy Livingston ’03, M.Ed. ‘09
Senior Assistant Dean of Admission

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