Dean on Duty?

Every day (Monday through Friday) there are student workers answering the main phone line. Whenever a hard question comes up, they transfer the call to the Admission Dean on Duty.

All of the student workers are in training today, so I’m the lone person answering the phone. Most of the calls are from really nice parents inquiring about information their admitted student has already received, but hasn’t shared with them. Admitted students should refer to the packet sent by the Dean of Student’s office and log on to the myWM website because there is a ton of information for you about housing, orientation, your tuition bill (which is sent electronically to the student’s WM email address- no paper bills mailed home!), etc. Parents are already anxious about leaving you in a strange place! You have the ability to make this a smoother process by sharing information with them, after all they are probably going to be the people driving you to campus for orientation and paying your tuition bill. It might be nice if they can plan for these events!

The rest of the calls are about tour times, travel, directions, local accommodations, and a number of other things that are on the admission website – check it out. We love hearing from visitors and we’re happy to answer these questions, but it may be easier for you to visit the website when you have time then you won’t have to wait until our office is open to ask the question.

– Stacy Richardson

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