Biology, chemistry and psych oh my!

When I saw “ISC Tour” on my calendar I didn’t have a clue what ISC stood for or what to expect. Intramural Sports Complex? Industrial Securities Center? Actually it was something much more exciting- an Integrated Science Center! The College is in the process of building a center that will house classrooms and offices for the biology, chemistry and psychology departments. The chair of the biology department gave members of the admission office a sneak peak at the areas of the building that have been completed, and I was thoroughly amazed by what is already going on.

We saw labs with mass spectrometers, conical microscopes and subzero refrigerators. There is state of the art equipment in every lab. The really cool thing is that undergraduates get to do research with faculty, and they are published in impressive journals like Science and the Journal of Biological Chemistry to name a few.

This institution has been here for over 300 years, but we definitely have some innovative things going on!

– Stacy Richardson

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