Behind the Curtain

Naturally, parents, students and even some college administrators believe that the busy time of the year for an admission office is sometime around the November to April time frame when applications are coming in being processed, read, processed, decided upon and processed some more. They are correct in their belief that this is a busy time of year. But it is only one busy time of year for the admission office.

Behind the scenes, before applicants can even submit their applications, there is a lot of preparation work to design, develop and test the application and the process by which the data is transferred into our student database. Those fancy communications pieces (aka the Viewbook, etc.) are reviewed and revised to include more up to date information and current photos. Processes are evaluated and refined to provide better service to applicants and to become more efficient. Until I came to the admission office I would never have thought of the months of preparation to be ready for what is commonly thought of as our busy time of year.

So pay no attention to the lady behind the curtain, she is just getting things ready for the busy season.

– Betsy Quinzio

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