Application Processing Update

We Admit It!  The application engine needed a little bit of a kick to get started, but now it’s humming away.  Early Decision and Spring Transfer applications are rolling in and making their way through our processing area (being downloaded from Common App, being matched with accompanying materials, etc.).  There is still a bit of a backlog due to some of the technical glitches students, high schools and colleges have been experiencing, so we continue to ask for your patience.

Every 24 hours we update our system.  So each day, any newly downloaded application from the Common Application will trigger the initial “we’ve received your application” email to both you and your parents.  Likewise, any application completed in the past 24 hours will trigger the follow-up “your application is now complete” email to you and your parents.  Remember, there can be a one to two week (and maybe even longer) delay between the initial and second email during Early Decision/Spring Transfer timeline and a three to four week delay during the Regular Decision timeline.  Keep in mind we are also focusing our efforts first on Early Decision applications, than spring transfer applications, then Regular Decision applications and finally Fall Transfer applications.  So if you’re a Regular Decision or Fall Transfer applicant, we may not process your application at this point as quickly as someone who’s applied for Early Decision or Spring Transfer.

If we get through processing every application and every accompanying document we have and your application remains incomplete, we will send you an email to let you know what we’re missing and how to submit it.  So please check your in-boxes frequently.

We still do not know to what, if any degree, the extended deadline will alter our review timeline for Early Decision and Spring Transfer applications so please don’t press us for a release date.  We will launch those decisions as soon as our process can run its course.  We likely won’t know when we’re releasing decisions until we’re ready to send the emails but we promise to keep everyone posted.

Stay tuned for more on our Early Decision and Spring Transfer processes through our “Overheard in Committee” blog series in the weeks to come.

Wendy Livingston ’03, M. Ed. ‘09
Associate Dean of Admission

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