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Admit It!  It feels like forever since you submitted your application.  We feel similarly; January 1 seems like a long time ago (hard to believe it’s been only about five weeks).  Well after hundreds of crates of mail, thousands of staples, and hours of printing/sorting/alphabetizing/compiling, we’re proud to say that all freshman applications are uploaded into our system.  What does that mean?  It means we have opened/downloaded/uploaded every freshman Common Application and Supplement that was submitted to us either online or by mail.  Therefore every freshman applicant should have received an initial email from us confirming receipt of his/her Common Application (your parents should have also received this email assuming you provided us with their email address in your application).  If you have not received an initial email from W&M (this is separate from any email you would have received from Common App), please contact us immediately.

Now this does not mean we’ve completed all freshman applications, although we have completed most.  We’re still processing around 2,000 applications looking for fees, transcripts, test scores, etc.  So if you have not received a second email confirming completion of your application, do not panic.  We will send you a second email when we complete your file.  If we are unable to complete your file due to missing components, we will email you to alert you to what’s missing and how to go about submitting it.  We said it once and we’ll say it one more time for good measure, we’re not meanies.  We know mistakes happen and we will allow you to resubmit whatever we did not receive without penalty.  Please just continue to regularly check your email for an application update from W&M.

So for freshman applications, processing is coming to a close, reading is in full swing and decisions will be released before you know it.

Wendy Livingston ’03, M.Ed. ’09
Senior Assistant Dean of Admission

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