Down the Aisle and 26 Miles

We Admit it! Committee season is wrapping up soon, and well, we’re pretty happy about it. Not just because of all the awesome applications we were able to read, but because for a few of our staff it means time to move on to some other things.

While we’ve been in the office countless hours each day over the past few months, come five o’clock around here it’s not uncommon for a small group of staff to take a break and head out for a run. Williamsburg is a bit of a running crazy town, and our small group of runners often includes our diminutive but durable Director of Admission Information Systems, Betsy Dolan and our altitudinous Director of Financial Aid, Ed Irish, who was this year’s winner in his age group for the local running club! But one member of the staff took things a bit further this Committee season and decided what a great time of the year it would be to train for his first marathon! Assistant Dean of Admission Brad Harlan literally went the extra mile to not only prepare his applications for Committee but to also prepare for the Shamrock Marathon this Sunday in Virginia Beach. Veteran runner Betsy will also partake of the Shamrock Half Marathon! Best of luck to them both this weekend!

In addition to running, another seemingly popular activity among our staff includes weddings. Within the year Senior Assistant Dean Kate Perry was married and our Director of Transfer Admission, Whitney Link, is recently engaged! Also, our fashionable Assistant Dean Jerome Griffin (no, not the Griffin you see at the basketball games) thought Committee season would be a great time to get married! This weekend Jerome and his lovely fiancé Chiquita will walk down the aisle in the Wren Building Chapel right here on campus!

So just a shout out to Jerome and Brad on their milestone events this weekend! Be sure to congratulate them when you see them at our Day for Admitted Students on April 16th!

David Trott
Associate Dean of Admission

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