A Personal Argument for William & Mary

We Admit It! We love it when a plan comes together.  With Dean Livingston out on maternity leave while our admitted students look for guidance to help them make their decision about where to enroll next fall, Dean Broaddus himself put together a blog entry for us in the form of a slideshow to offer his personal answer to the question “Why William & Mary?”




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  1. OOS Admitted
  2. Admit It!
  3. Emily
  4. Admit It!
  5. Hopeful Transfer
  6. William & Merry (for May 1st ish)
  7. TransferStudent
  8. Admit It!
  9. TransferStudent
  10. TransferStudent
  11. Admit It!
  12. TransferStudent
  13. Admit It!
  14. TransferStudent
  15. Emily
  16. Incoming Monroe Scholar Father
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